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"Atarah Hazzan in the role of Santuzza..... hell hath no fury like her top range. It is a gripping, powerfully dramatic sound that teases the edges of control, perfectly reflecting the jealous hysteria of the role."
"Opera buffs are always looking for the successors of this tenor or that soprano. Well, one of the saddest deficits of recent years has been the absence of a legitimate dramatic soprano, to pick up where Zinka Milanov, Maria Callas and Renata Tebaldi had left off.

Today, however, the scene is changing for the better. On the horizon is Atarah Hazzan. Miss Hazzan is quickly becoming the most-talked-about dramatic soprano. She has had several performances in the New York area, but is now being engaged to sing in Cincinnati (Ohio), Rochester and Albany in operas such as Aida, Cavalleria Rusticana and Tosca. Miss Hazzan seems to be one of the best examples of the school of Rosa Ponselle and Claudia Muzio since those great ladies were on stage.

Atarah Hazzan is a name to remember. She is on e of the new crop of singers who will make headlines in the international opera circuit. After hearing Miss Hazzan,there is no doubt that she will have a dazzling career."
Lou Cevetillo
Sunday Magazine
''...she's one of the most exciting sopranos around.
Bill Zakariasen, NY Daily News
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