Statements by Students from Atarah Hazzan's Vocal Studio

Rabbi: so, you've been studying with someone or other?

Me: (waving a dismissive hand) - yeah, somebody, some person, whatever.

Rabbi: our teacher…

Me: oh god! She's amazing!

Rabbi: but that's you…

Me: noooooo, i arrived at her studio saying (whiny tone):
"Will I ever sing????"

Rabbi: Atarah is a genius!

Me: oh god, she gave me my voice!!

Rabbi: your voice was absolutely magnificent today!!!!
The conversation took place yesterday in the synagogue after services. Susanne is the granddaughter of one of the most highly regarded cantors of all time who has also written volumes of magnificent cantorial music which cantors everywhere learn and cherish.
My grandfather had some of this cantor's books of music, which he learned and sang. The Rabbi in the conversation is also a long standing student
of mine...he fulfills both the roles of Rabbi and Cantor, so he is singing constantly throughout the services, as well as speaking, giving sermons and leading the entire service..
Susanne Katchko
Susanne, who is a relatively new student of a few months study....
Veronika Jokel
Musician/Band, New York, NY
"I have been a student of Atarah's for over 10 years and I can't recommend her enough! My vocal range has expanded more than I ever imagined, my power and resonance is always increasing and she always knows how to help me tackle challenges with my voice. I am so lucky to have found her."
Robert Jokel
Physical Therapist, New York, NY
"I have been taking voice lessons with Atarah and she is essentially a miracle worker! My voice has improved in ways beyond what I had ever hoped for! I have also noticed my ability to express myself creatively in other areas has also opened up. Try it! You will love it!"
Katherine Stark
Judy Gray
Isabel Alvarez
Retired Teacher, Music and Art High School, NYC who taught many famous students including
Itzhak Perlman
Singer, New York, NY
"The best! She knows how to share her knowledge organically and lead you to experience it. This is drastically different than book knowledge, hearsay or telling you how to do something. Her intuition of what is going on inside your instrument and what you need to do next is divine. In addition, she knows HOW to listen, has an excellent ear, is funny, professional and a lovely person."
"Working with Atarah is the best step I've made for continuing to study voice. Not only is it awe inspiring to work with Atarah because of how her own voice led her fascinating singing career, but because the way Atarah has helped me strengthen and prepare for a lot of singing on a regular basis is incomparable. Not only have we strengthened and opened the voice in miraculous ways, we continue to do so through exercise, discussion and practice. I can trust and depend on my voice like never before and am constantly discovering new lengths to take it. There aren't words that truly reflect all that Atarah has provided through our lessons and I highly recommend studying with Atarah a million times over."
"Atarah is the best. She totally changed my voice at an age that most singers can't sing anymore. I highly recommend her to all."
Rebekah Eden
Atarah Hazzan
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Student Statements
Rick Bogart
Four time Grammy nominee as jazz clarinetist and vocalist.
"Happy Mother's Day Atarah Hazzan, the great Metropolitan Opera Soprano, Cantor and the most fabulous teacher I've ever known. Shira and Stephen are her children."
Louisa Poster
Well known lyricist for some of the famous Broadway shows.
"Thank you and happy birthday. All my best wishes. You saved my voice. I am so thankful."
Rabbi David Ingber
Named one of the fifty of the most influential Rabbis
in the United States
"Without a doubt, some of my happiest moments over the past decade were in your home, discovering the power of my voice and the beauty it could be produce under your mystical guidance."